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Mind-Body Workshops for Pre-Teens


Four-Part series with

Dr. Lindsay Clendaniel and Vanessa Kellner, LCPC, RPT, NCC, RYT

from $65.00


February 21: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

April 17: Navigating Peer Relationships

May 15: Building Resilience

June 12: Cultivating Self-Care

Located @ Mantra Fit

770 Ritchie Highway, Suite W11

Severna Park, MD

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Play therapy

"Play is a child's natural medium for self-expression"

- Virginia Axline

Play Therapy is a well established discipine for meeting the emotional and behavioral needs of children ages 2 - 12. Through therapeutic play, children are able to use toys and other materials (art, sand, water, etc) to express themselves, as well as to work towards understanding and making sense of their world and experiences. Play therapy is more than just a therapeutic approach; it is a way of looking at children as innately strong, competent, and complete. The play therapist's role is to create a safe, accepting, and caring environment, with only necessary limits (for the child's physical and emotional safety). In this unique place, the child is free to express him or herself, explore, and experiment...ultimately finding healing from what ails them. Children come to believe in themselves and their ability to handle the world around them, discovering the strong and capable beings that they are. They develop the ability to make choices, respect boundaries, and respect limits... all through the freedom of play.

Play Therapy Severna Park


We all have a light within... a glorious and uninhibited

brightness! Unfortunately, for many of us, life can really put

a damper on our light. Psychotherapy can help you

find your light again - helping you find freedom from damage

that can occur from childhood difficulties, trauma(s), relationship issues, and the

many trials and tribulations that this life can entail. Everything you need is within you, sometimes you just need the right environment - and the right mirror - to help you see it. 


Vanessa uses a person-centered approach to therapy, helping you find a way to reconnect to that inner light and find the freedom to live your life to it's fullest potential. 

Wholesome Healing psychotherapy

Group Therapy and Parenting Classes

Various group therapy and parent training classes are offered

at Wholesome Healing as interest allows. These include but

are not limited to: 

- Child Parent Relationship Therapy - 10 week program.

- 1-2-3 Magic - a discipline approach for kids ages 2-12.

- Yoga for anxiety - can be customized for any age group.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these groups or classes. Groups can also be customized to the needs of the community so please don't hesitate to inquire if you have a group you'd like to see that is not listed here. 


Parent Nights

Join us for happy hour style parent nights focused on a new topic each session. 


Next session:


wholesome healing group therapy
Voted "Best Mental Health Care" 2018

Yoga and Mindfulness

Wholesome Healing is currently offering after school yoga 

programs in local Anne Arundel County Schools. This program

has been run in both public and private schools with a variety

of ages. 

Other yoga services can be customized for personal and

group needs as well - Just ask! 


Please contact us for details, pricing and / or scheduling. 

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