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Taking care of YOU, the most important tool to help your kids

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Hi Parents, 

This morning I'm checking in with YOU! YOU who are holding space for your kiddos as you also try to adjust to this new normal. YOU who are now managing EXTRA roles as you adjust to parenting 24/7. YOU… who are working to regulate yourself in the midst of all of this change and uncertainty. I have talked a lot about how we can support our kids, but it is important to remember that we can’t give what we don’t have. We need to put our own oxygen mask on first. As a play therapist there is a saying that we are the most important “toy” in the room (Lisa Dion - Synergetic Play Therapy Institute). As a parent right now, YOU are their most important “tool” to regulate themselves with. They are looking to you for their sense of stability, calm, safety – because they don’t feel it internally right now. So we have to take EXTRA good care of ourselves so that we can best help them. We as adults are dealing with changes, losses, fears… We have increased pressure and stress and less down time to refill our tanks. There is societal pressure to do this pandemic right – you know what I mean. Have a schedule, keep them busy. Be a homeschooling expert overnight. Entertain them. Feed them. And on and on it goes. Well let me tell you my friends, there is no way to do this right! There is no right way for every family… for every kid. For every day. Each family is going to have to adapt in ways that work for their child. Each day you will have to adapt to meet your child where they are THAT day. So I want you to pause right now. I want you to think of one way you can take care of you today. This may mean putting on the tv a little extra so you can do something that fills you up. It may (no, it will!) take some creativity – but it’s worth it. It’s more than worth it, it’s essential to our functioning and to our ability to help our kids feel safe and calm.

Check out this free resource on regulating through the Coronavirus - trust me - this one is worth a listen!

Don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to support you all too - not just your kiddos.  Take care and stay well, Vanessa 

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