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Nature-Based Expressive Arts Therapy Camps


Summer 2024 Camp Dates


Week of June 24th 

Week of July 22nd

Kids attend Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Family activity and camper celebration ceremony Thursday from 3 - 4 p.m.

 20 minute parent consultation and review of camp progress worksheet - scheduled with parents for Friday week of camp

Camp Cost: $675

* Payment is due in full at time of registration. Superbills are provided the Friday of camp week. These can be submitted to your insurance provider for out of network reimbursement once camp has been completed*


Why Sign up?

This camp provides opportunities for challenging experiences and integration of skills that can’t be replicated in individual therapy settings. This unique camp is run by licensed clinicians who specialize in working with children and families. Kids have a blast, talk about this camp for months to come, and want to return year after year. They get to experience the joys of being free in nature, while also making great strides in their social and emotional growth! 


About the Camp

Child-centered play therapy serves as the foundational theoretical framework for the camp. An integrative nature-based approach is used to enhance the natural drives of the body and brain towards growth. Outdoor play is a fundamental component, harnessing the multi-sensory power of nature to increase awareness, engagement, and improve social and emotional well-being. Therapeutic components of the group include, but are not limited to: a cozy spot for self-regulation, bibliotherapy (use of books for a therapeutic purpose) and narrative therapy, expressive therapies (use of art, drama, sand, etc.), assessment measures, and parental / family engagement. The use of these integrated modalities in a group setting, repetition of clinical themes, and opportunities for recall of clinical content, all promote engagement of multiple brain regions and allow for repeated neural activation (enhancing and amplifying learning!). The camp is founded on two essential elements from child-centered play therapy: structure and  freedom. In this unique space, children are free to express themselves, explore, and experiment - to connect to their own inner knowing. Children gain self-trust and confidence in their ability to handle their various environments, discovering their strengths and capabilities. They have the opportunity to integrate their learnings from the group by engaging in a family play therapy intervention on the last day of camp. Assessment and feedback is provided to parents, based on observational data collected throughout the week, so that they can continue to implement strategies at home.

What Kids Gain

Through this individual and group experience, children will develop an internal tether that allows them to feel more secure, regardless of their external worlds. This is the heart of resilience. As an added bonus, they will have the opportunity to integrate this inner work socially, as they relate to and work with others in meaningful and productive ways. They will learn to respect each other, support each other, and most importantly… to know each other, through bringing their authentic selves to the table as they develop relationships with others.  

Social Skills through Story, Art, and the Great Outdoors

A typical day at camp will start with children creating their own individual “cozy spots”, their space for self-reflection and self-regulation throughout their camp experience. Stories and story telling are weaved throughout the group experience, providing opportunities for self-expression and self-awareness.


The entire camp experience will be outdoors. Elements of nature will be all around, including as part of the artwork and obstacles that participants engage in. This experience in nature alone is so healing, as being outdoors:

  • Supports mindfulness, as we are immersed in the sensory experience of nature and how we feel this in our body

  • Builds confidence, as we have the ability to explore and master our external environment.

  • Encourages creativity, as nature provides so many resources and the freedom to use these resources in countless ways.

These are just a few of the many reasons that this outdoor environment is so beneficial. Children will have the gift of being IN nature all day, each day… nurturing body, mind, and soul.

Research supports the use of bibliotherapy, narrative therapy, expressive arts therapies, and nature - in addressing a wide range of mental health presentations and needs. Our use of these modalities in this camp setting is intentional, both research backed and fun! 


We would love to have your child be a part of this fun and transformative journey with us. You can contact us with questions at

Don’t wait! Space is limited to ensure the quality and integrity of this experience for your child.

Forest Path


"I learned so much about my little one during these 4 days! This experience supported the parent-child relationship in a really powerful way. The camp implemented a strengths-based approach. My little one came home affirmed in his strengths and skills. He felt confident being himself. Thanks for creating an emotionally safe space for my son to explore nature and himself."


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